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$375.00 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

The Refresh package is a great place to start during your design journey. Whether you are just beginning or finalizing your space and need to bring it together, the Refresh package is a great way to rediscover your style and use as a guide. After reviewing your design assessment, you can take your time and move at a pace that you are comfortable with. This package is for one room.

Included in the Refresher:

  • Discovery Call- This is a 30 minute virtual meeting where we get to meet and discuss your project in further detail.
  • Floor Plan- This includes a layout of the space so we can secure the functionality and purpose.
  • Mood Board - This is a visual of the mood you are trying to create. This can help with creating a color scheme and concept. There will be two versions for you to choose from. Style A and Style B.
  • Focal Points- You will be asked to choose up to 3 areas you would like to focus on. These areas will be highlighted and discussed in greater detail with notes.
  • Furniture Board- A more detailed visual breakdown of the pieces of furniture or décor that is being suggested.
  • Tips and Tricks: Ideas to help implement your design.
  • Detailed notes, discussing the challenges of the space and possible solutions.
  • PDF of the Floor Plan, Moodboard, Focal Points, Furniture Board, Tips, Notes, and shopping list with links.

Next steps:
After purchasing the Refresher, you will receive our welcome package which will have instructions on what to do next. This will be a great opportunity for you to explore your studio and fill out the questionnaire. You will be able to upload photos of the space, any inspiration you have and you will also be able to select a convenient date for us to have our 30 minute virtual meeting.
The Refresher package is a design assessment and it  is a tool to use to start your design project. You will be able to use this for guidance in shopping for yourself or hiring us to assist you further in your project. Rejuvenated Habitat is not responsible for final choices that are made or any items that may no longer be available or on sale.